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At KB Law PLLC, we truly understand the immigration process, with an attorney who has been an immigrant. We offer compassionate legal help for a range of immigration matters as well as other legal issues.

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Immigration Law

Legal Help For Immigration Problems

A Broad Range Of Immigration Representation

We are experienced with and concentrate on family-sponsored immigration, but we also assist with issues involving deportation and removal, asylum, green card applications and renewals, and employment-based immigration.

We know how stressful these cases can be, and we provide knowledgeable guidance and compassionate representation every step of the process.

Family Law, Appeals and Civil Litigation, Criminal Defense And “Crimmigration”

While we focus our practice on immigration, we also assist clients with family law, contracts, criminal defense and “crimmigration.”

Family law concerns present many challenges and often affect our immigration clients. From divorce and child support to custody and visitation, we can help you understand your rights and protect your interests.


Our immigration expertise allows us to provide meaningful representation for “crimmigration” cases, where criminal charges potentially conflict with immigration issues. For many immigrants and green card holders, a criminal charge can jeopardize your immigration status, and you want an attorney who can protect both your constitutional rights and your immigration status.

We also assist many clients with basic contract issues and other civil litigation matters.

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