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Protecting The Safety And Status Of Abuse Survivors

Immigrants who experience domestic abuse are incredibly vulnerable. Many victims are financially dependent on their partners and do not have a network of connections in the United States to help them. To protect the rights of immigrants who are victims of abuse, Congress passed the federal Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).

If you are an immigrant in Minnesota who needs urgent help regarding domestic violence, KB Law PLLC is the law firm to represent you. Led by attorney Karen Bryan, who immigrated from Jamaica, we do everything in our power to help you escape your dangerous situation, prevent removal and gain legal status.

How Does The VAWA Work?

Passed in 1994, the Violence Against Women Act offers a path of escape for the spouses and children or stepchildren of U.S. citizens or permanent residents. To self-petition for a VAWA visa, you must demonstrate your relationship as the spouse, child or stepchild of the lawful permanent resident. You must also demonstrate that you suffered at least one of the following:

  1. Physical violence
  2. Extreme cruelty, which can include verbal abuse

VAWA can cancel ongoing removal proceedings against the victims of domestic abuse. After receiving an approval of your VAWA petition, survivors have the right to self-petition for a VAWA green card instead of having to depend on a spouse to file on their behalf.

We Are Determined To Help You And Your Children

Successfully filing a VAWA petition is immensely complex, especially if an abusive partner is trying their best to counteract it, keep you dependent on them or get you deported. Our immigration law attorney knows exactly how to assess your situation so we can anticipate problems and resolve them proactively. Your safety matters as much to us as it does to you, and you can always rely on us as allies throughout your journey.

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