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New asylum app gets negative feedback

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2023 | Asylum |

Asylum is an immigration process that involves seeking safety in another country. People often come to the United States because they fear for their life and they’re being persecuted for something like their religion or their ethnic background.

These individuals can apply for asylum once they are already inside the United States, having entered without proper documentation. They can also seek asylum while they’re still outside of the U.S., but only by presenting themselves to a U.S. consulate or at a U.S. port of entry.

The U.S. government recently created an asylum app in the hopes that it could streamline the application process and that asylum-seekers could use the app to make things go more smoothly as they seek to change their immigration status. Unfortunately, the feedback surrounding that app has been fairly negative.

“It’s trash.”

One man was asked what he thought of the new app, and the 28-year-old said that he had been using it for 10 hours every day in his quest to get asylum. He claimed that it didn’t work and even went so far as to say “It’s trash.” He said that, if the U.S. government wanted to help people, it would need to find a different way to do it other than giving them this app.

One problem is that there seem to be numerous glitches, so those who are attempting to use it may not have the success they’re hoping for. Additionally, there’s a very high demand for asylum. This means there is a lack of appointments on the app, rendering it rather pointless.

The government, for its part, has said that glitches are natural with new technology and that they have been working to resolve them. But ultimately, there just are not enough appointments for the large group of people trying to seek asylum, which is why the attempt at streamlining the process can only be so successful as long as this challenge remains a reality.

It’s clear that the asylum situation in the United States is complicated. Those who are trying to seek safety need to be sure they understand the legal options they have by working with a legal professional whenever possible.