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St. Louis Park Immigration Lawyers Who Care

U.S. immigration laws are always changing, which is the biggest issue that immigrants face as they seek new opportunities. One small mistake, such as missing a deadline or forgetting important information as you go through the application or hearing can lead to severe delays in your immigration process.

Our St. Louis Park immigration lawyers at KB Law PLLC are here for you, and we exclusively practice immigration law. Our attorneys have extensive knowledge and experience handling all forms of immigration issues.

Why Choose KB Law PLLC To Be Your Immigration Law Firm?

The application process is confusing, which is often what causes the most issues for our clients. One small mistake can lead to many delays that many people do not have the time to handle. You can talk to one of our St. Louis Park passport lawyers if you are applying for a passport or if yours has been revoked. Our St. Louis Park immigrant lawyers can provide guidance on any immigration issue, including:

  • Family-sponsored immigration
  • Asylum and special visas
  • Deportation defense
  • Permanent residence and citizenship
  • “Crimmigration”
  • Nonimmigrant visas
  • Employment and investment immigration

You can turn to KB Law PLLC for any of your immigration needs, especially for families and people involved in deportation and asylum proceedings. Our St. Louis Park fiance visa lawyers have helped reunite many families and ensured that loved ones are not separated.

We Have First-Hand Experience With The Immigration Process

Our founding attorney, Karen Bryan, is an immigrant who has had first-hand experience going through the application process. Attorney Karen Bryan knows the importance of legal representation from experienced lawyers who can advise immigrants of their legal rights and options. Our staff members also speak Spanish, Russian, Jamaican patois, Turkish and Italian.

Let Our Immigration Law Attorneys Show You What They Can Do

You should not let your immigration issue go unresolved. Getting legal help from one of our lawyers today can improve your chances of resolving an immigration matter that may have a short deadline. Our St. Louis Immigration lawyers offer free consultations, so contact us today by calling 612-474-5649 or by email.